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Houseboat Vacations and Adventure Travel

When it comes to adventure travel, houseboat vacations check all the boxes by combining active adventures with comfortable accommodations to give you a unique travel experience. Across the United States, you can find these floating homes, which come complete with full kitchens and outdoor grills to maximize your entertaining potential as well as bedrooms, bathrooms and living spaces to cover all your basic needs. Houseboating lets you gather with friends and family to explore all the active adventures along rivers and lakes without having to leave the comfort of your home away from home. From the desert landscape of the Southwest to the lush forests of the Appalachians, you'll find a wide variety of houseboat rentals.

Arizona / Utah

Lake Powell

As the second-largest man-made reservoir in the country with 1,900 miles of shoreline, this spot along the Colorado River is perfect for houseboat trips. The red sandstone cliffs that surround the lake make for a beautiful houseboating spot with plenty of active adventures, including water skiing, fishing and hiking in the Glen Canyon Recreation Area. Primarily located in Utah, the lake does cross over the Arizona border as well.

Houseboat on Lake Powell
Houseboating on Lake Powell

Arizona / Nevada

Lake Mead

Less than an hour away from the glitz and glimmer of Las Vegas sits the peaceful Lake Mead. As the largest man-made lake and reservoir in the country, Lake Mead offers more than 550 miles of shoreline along the Arizona and Nevada border. With scenery including canyons, cliffs and rock formations, the natural beauty of Lake Mead is simply stunning.

Lake Mead Along the Arizona and Nevada Boarder
Lake Mead is Located Along the Arizona and Nevada Boarder

Arizona / California

Lake Havasu

Straddling the border of Arizona and California, Lake Havasu is a popular spot for houseboat rentals. Not only is Havasu City nearby if you decide to dock for a night out on the town, but the stunning beauty of the Mohave Mountains makes for a gorgeous setting for adventure travel.

Lake Havasu
Lake Havasu Straddles the Boarder of Arizona and California


Lake Shasta

Nestled under the towering peak of Mount Shasta and surrounded by the Shasta-Trinity National Forest, it's no wonder that Lake Shasta is a dream location for houseboat vacations. You'll find that the warm waters of this California hotspot are perfect for a variety of aquatic activities while the over 370 miles of shoreline offers plenty of places to explore.

Lake Shasta
Lake Shasta is Surrounded by the Shasta-Trinity Forest


Lake Cumberland

As the largest lake east of the Mississippi River, it's no wonder that Kentucky's Lake Cumberland is often considered to be the houseboat capital of the world. You'll find more than 1,200 miles of shoreline with thousands of private coves and waterfalls. Anglers will be happy to hear that it's also home to some of the best fishing in the eastern United States with plenty of largemouth bass, catfish and others.

Lake Cumberland
Lake Cumberland, More Than 1,200 Miles of Shoreline


Dale Hollow Lake

Northern Tennessee is home to Dale Hollow Lake, also known as the world's best smallmouth bass lake. Consider houseboat rentals for an opportunity to fish off the dock of your own private floating home while you explore the evergreen-forested 620 miles of shoreline.

Dale Hollow Lake
Dale Hollow Lake in Northern Tennessee


Lake Billy Chinook

Located in central Oregon about three hours southeast of Portland and 1.5 hours north of Bend, people flock to this houseboating spot to admire the steep cliffs that surround this narrow canyon lake that averages less than a quarter mile wide. Trout fishing is a popular adventure travel experience in this relatively small lake with just 75 miles of shoreline.

Lake Billy Chinook
Lake Billy Chinook Located in Central Oregon


Lake of the Ozarks

While the Midwest may not be home to much coastline, the the man-made Lake of the Ozarks' over 1,150 miles of shore does make for a great location for houseboat vacations. About 2.5 hours from both Kansas City and St. Louis, this lake is a popular spot for midwesterners to enjoy some time on the water and experience adventure vacations.

Lake of the Ozarks
Lake of the Ozarks is Perfect for Houseboat Vacations


Lake of the Woods

Considering that Minnesota is known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” it should come as no surprise that it's also home to one of the largest houseboating lakes. Lake of the Woods, which crosses into the Canadian waters of Manitoba and Ontario, has over 25,000 miles of shore and over 14,500 islands. If you want a solitary adventure travel houseboating experience, you have a good chance of finding a secluded spot in these expansive waters with no other boaters in sight.

Lake of the woods
Lake of the Woods, Minnesota

From coast to coast, houseboating is the perfect way to see the diverse landscape of the United States while participating in an assortment of active adventures. Houseboat rentals take adventure travel to the next level!

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